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Hello friends.

Some days I'm really put together. Some days I realise my hair hasn't been brushed for 4 days and I have pimples on my face and all I want is a glass of wine (or the whole bottle). 

And that's ok. In fact, it's GREAT because it's completely normal. I'm 27 and have mostly grown up in Sydney, I'm on social media A LOT. Some days, the perfectly edited Instagram feeds and gorgeous blogs on fitness & lifestyle make me want to be a better version of myself. But some days, they make me feel like I'm so far below what I should be.

People don't talk about the messiness of daily life for women. We focus so much on the end goal of perfection and curated imagery. Life is messy. Our thoughts are complex. And we want to read about things other than "10 Makeup Mistakes You've Been Making" and "How to get THE GUY".

This is going to be the space where we talk about successes, failures and our own journey with Eight. Where we interview women from all walks of life who have their own career ambitions and thoughts about media, fashion & pop culture. And, on the odd occasion, when we write about being MESSY AF.

Join us for the ride xx



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